RELSIB WH52 Thermohygrometer

Control of temperature and humidity under clothes while being outside. Monitoring the microclimate in the baby’s room and any other room.


What is the device for?

It measures temperature and relative humidity with high precision and transmits the data remotely to your smartphone.


1710 руб.




threshold exceeding notification


light indication on the threshold exceeding on your device


± 0.4 °C, ± 3% RH


Bluetooth data transfer without connection

Why is RELSIB WH52
better than others?


Optimal device for control of temperature and humidity under baby’s clothes.


High precision with minimal dimensions, which is not available in many expensive professional instruments.


Threshold exceeding alarm for each parameter in the Application and in the device itself.


Easy attachment to any surface.


To receive data, you only need to enable the Application, the data can be received by an unlimited number of users.


It is enough to turn the device in the bracket or remove it from the bracket and the device starts to work.

 One smartphone can receive data from all WX52 series instruments in the signal reception area.


How to use
the thermo-hygrometer?

  • How to turn on the RELSIB WH52 Bluetooth thermo-hygrometer?
  • Where is the best place to install a thermo-hygrometer in the room?
  • How to control temperature and humidity while going for a walk with a baby?
  • Where can I download the thermo-hygrometer app?
  • How to set up a thermo-hygrometer app?
How to turn on the RELSIB WH52 Bluetooth thermo-hygrometer?

RELSIB WH52 Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometers do not have an external switch. To turn on / off the device use the magnetic bracket, which comes with the device. If you want to turn on the device, it is enough to remove it from the bracket or install it into the bracket in the “On” position. To turn it off, simply place the device in the bracket in the “Off” position. The bracket is installed on a metal surface either with a built-in magnet or on any surface with the double-sided tape from the kit.

Where is the best place to install a thermo-hygrometer in the room?

To control the temperature and humidity in the baby’s room: the best place is not far from the crib, secured from direct sunlight, and no closer than 2 meters from heating radiators.

How to control temperature and humidity while going for a walk with a baby?

To control the temperature and humidity while being outside for longer sleep, at home, place a thermo-hygrometer under your baby’s clothes near the feet. Some time later after the start of the walk, if the temperature rises, throw back the blanket a little. In such a way, you will find the optimal conditions, and your baby will sleep in the fresh air as much as he or she needs. If humidity rises, you will know that the baby has peed and it is time to change his / her clothes.

Where can I download the thermo-hygrometer app?

Currently, the RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer is compatible with Android OS 5.0 smartphones and above. Go to GooglePlay and type “RelSib” in the search box. Select “Termosha Smart Home” in the list of our company’s Applications and install it on your phone. Open the Application.

In a few minutes the App will find all the operating WX52 series meters. Click on the button with the number of appliances found by the Application. If there are several, find your one according to the last digits indicated on the list.


How to set up a thermo-hygrometer app?

To find the device easily on the list, you need to give it a name. For that click the “pencil” label in the Application.

You need only to set the alarm thresholds for the measured parameters, on exceeding which your phone will notify you in time. Click on the bell icon and set the needed values. For example, 21 … 24 ° C for temperature and 40 … 60% for humidity. Press the “Ok” button. The selected thresholds will be set both in the Application and in the device.

After that, the set thresholds will be displayed on the main screen. If the temperature and humidity indicators are within the set thresholds, you will see funny green faces on the screen. On exceeding one of the thresholds, the smartphone will notify you with a sound signal, and the face will turn red and sad.



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Specifications and Documentation

  • Technical specifications
  • Documentation
  • Temperature measurement range: -20 …+55°С, error  ±0,4°С
  • Measurement range for rel. humidity:  5…97%, error  ±3%
  • Operating temperature: -20 …+55°С
  • Data transmission distance: от 20 до 50 m
  • Data transfer period: 3 sec.
  • Maximum number of devices simultaneously working with one smartphone: unlimited
  • Impermeability: IP41
  • Electromagnetic radiation power: no more than 4 dBm (2.5 mW) *
  • Data transfer interface: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Weight: no more than 50 g
  • Time of continuous operation with one battery: 3 months
  • Replaceable battery: CR1632
  • Average service life: 2 years
  • Mobile app operating system: Android 5.0 and above
  • Dimensions:
    device body: diameter – 33.0 mm; height – 8.0 mm;
    device with bracket: diameter – 33.0 mm; height – 11.0 mm

* this is 20 times lower than the allowed values for pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age

User manual

Battery change instructions

Declaration of Conformity with the Requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union

Use examples

Мама с коляской

RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer is indispensable outdoors

With the RELSIB WH52 thermo-hygrometer, you can control the temperature and humidity under your baby’s clothes out of doors. Place the device under the overalls near the legs. If the child begins to sweat, you will immediately see it quite early. As soon as the humidity begins to rise, you can slightly draw back the blanket or unfasten a few buttons on the clothes. If the child pees, you will immediately know it by a sharp increase in humidity.

More details

RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer helps to cope with asthma

Nearly 10% of babies have a tendency to develop asthma. But you can significantly reduce its symptoms, including coughing attacks in the evening and at night. Install the device on the wall not far from the crib and set the required alarm limits in the Application. If the temperature or humidity exceed the thresholds, the Application will wake you up for you to take action: pour water into the humidifier, open the valve on the heating radiator, etc.

More details

Ребенок с родителями

M onitor the air quality with the RELSIB WH52 thermo-hygrometer

Our life expectancy directly depends on the quality of the air that our children breathe at home, in the kindergarten and at school. The longest life expectancy is found in the island states surrounded by water and blown around by clean moist wind. RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer will help to improve the quality of the air for us and our children continuously monitoring the 2 important parameters – temperature and humidity.

More details

RELSIB WH52 Thermohygrometer

is the best present on the baby’s birth!

The birth of a baby is the most important event in any family’s life. What would you give to the happy parents, which can be useful, original and modern?

WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer is definitely a useful gift that will delight the parents of the baby for more than one year!

WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer is an original and unusual choice that will help young parents take better care of their newborn!

WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer is a modern choice of people who keep pace with innovative developments for the smart home!

It is easy to make a choice – the RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer – and be sure that the young parents will be grateful to you for your care!



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RELSIB WH52 Thermo-Hygrometer

Control of temperature and humidity under clothing while being outdoors

Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in the baby’s room

The smallest of all its likes in the world, only 33 mm in diameter!

Data transfer to a smartphone without connection

4 alarm thresholds set in the Application

Alarm on the smartphone on temperature or humidity thresholds exceeding

Display of current temperature and humidity values

Monitoring of temperature and humidity as a graph, graph scaling


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