Measurement and recording of temperature and relative humidity for kindergartens, schools and home


What is the device for?

EClerk-M-RHT measures temperature and relative air humidity with high precision, records data at preset intervals and stores up to 260,000 values ​​(per channel) in memory. The device has a USB connector, with which you can upload data to a computer or smartphone.

With the computer software or Mobile application you can analyze data in the form of a graph or table and generate and print a Report.

With the Mobile Application you can also print the Report with a thermal printer or send it via e-mail. The recorder, connected to a smartphone, can act as a GSM modem, transmitting the measured data via GSM periodically or in emergency cases. In this case, a smartphone or tablet can act as a large screen for visualizing the current data.


4974 руб.




520,000 temperature and humidity values


bright LED indicator, clearly visible in the darkness


±1,0°С, ±3% RH


GSM modem function and the ability to display the current values on a large screen

Why is it important to register the microclimate parameters?

For example, every winter, children in one of the kindergarten groups began to fall ill all at a time. It got to the point that no more than 30% of children in this group were attending the kindergarten. Their parents didn’t know what to do. As they could feel, it was cold in the group. But according to the temperature measurements schedule, everything was within the normal range. Then, with the permission of the kindergarten headmaster, one of the parents brought and installed two EClerk-M-RHT temperature and relative humidity recorders, one for the play room and one for the toilet. Three days later, we looked at the data from the recorders.
It turned out that in the morning, the temperature dropped to 17 ° C in the playroom, and to 12 ° C in the toilet! It is no wonder that children fell ill after using the toilet.
Recorders allow you to print a report on the climate parameters monitoring. The recorder is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments, so that it is no use to distrust it.
With such a report, the headmaster managed to settle the issue of an urgent wall reparation with insulation and replacement of the heating radiators just in a week. The problem was solved and the children were saved.

Why is EClerk-M-RHT
better than others?


The closest foreign likes with similar characteristics are at least 2 times more expensive!


High measurement precision for all the parameters, available only with expensive professional devices.


Archive for 520,000 values. With a recording frequency of 1 time per hour, the memory will last for 30 years!


Color and sound alarm on the smartphone (tablet) screen


Sending alarm messages by SMS and email when the parameters are outside the set thresholds


Regular sending the measurement data and geographic coordinates by SMS and email to the selected recipients

* EClerk-M-RHT logger is optimal for the long-term monitoring of microclimate parameters in residential premises. Its Report can be a forcible reason in disputes with housing and communal services, because the device is certified and included in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


How to use
the logger?

  • Where is the best place to install the EClerk-M-RHT recorder?
  • Features of EClerk v.2.0 software for PC
  • Use of the recorder with EClerk v.2.0 software for PC
  • Features of EClerk 2.0 mobile App
  • Use of the recorder with EClerk 2.0 mobile Application
  • Sending the Report by e-mail using the EClerk 2.0 mobile App
  • “Online mode“ with EClerk 2.0 mobile Application
Where is the best place to install the EClerk-M-RHT recorder?

For an accurate control of air temperature and humidity, the device should be no closer than 2 m away from the heating radiator. Sun rays must not fall on the measuring recorder.

Features of EClerk v.2.0 software for PC

Software features:

  • setting (configuring) the device;
  • work with data files;
  • work in Online mode (USB-meter);
  • filtering by maximum and minimum value, by time;
  • data presentation in the form of tables and graphs;
  • high resolution of data presentation;
  • report preparation; export to Excel;
  • Russian and English languages;
  • device adjusting option.

The software graphics are most functional. With the mouse you can move the curve, zoom in and out, select an area and expand it to the full screen.

Minimum PC Requirements:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Free disk space, at least 20 MB
  • Minimum display resolution 1024×768
  • Availability of USB 2.0 port

Download EClerk Configurator v.2.0

Use of the recorder with EClerk v.2.0 software for PC


The initial settings of the recorder can be made only on a personal computer or laptop. Download EClerk Configurator v.2.0. Install the recorder into the USB input of the PC, run the program and enter the initial settings.


Install the EClerk-M-RHT recorder on site using the special mount.


Check the parameters by connecting the recorder to the computer.


Set the upper and lower thresholds for the monitored parameters, set the time interval and print the report.

Features of EClerk 2.0 mobile App

To work with the Application, the USB host must be supported by the mobile device.

Application features:

  • reading data from recorders via USB OTG,
  • storing data files on a mobile device,
  • converting data to Excel,
  • data analysis and presentation in the form of tables and graphs using various filters,
  • sending data by E-mail, including sending “in 2 clicks”,
  • generation of the Report for the required time interval using filters in pdf,
  • viewing the Report and sending it by E-mail,
  • generation of the Report in pdf for a thermal printer with further printing,
  • data storage in the recorder format, Excel, pdf, pdf for a thermal printer,
  • using a phone (tablet) as a large display with the indication of current values and the set alarm thresholds,
  • using a phone (tablet) as a GSM modem with regular sending of the current values ​​and geographic coordinates by SMS and email to the selected users, sending alarm messages by SMS and email when the parameters are outside the set limits.

Download EClerk 2.0 mobile Application

Use of the recorder with EClerk 2.0 mobile Application

EClerk 2.0 mobile Application allows you to copy data from the device, analyze it, prepare a Report and send the data by e-mail.

Download EClerk 2.0 mobile Application

Sending the Report by e-mail using the EClerk 2.0 mobile App

The EClerk 2.0 mobile application allows you to create reports in various formats: .ecl (proper recorder format), .xlsx, .pdf (large format files for printing on A4), -tp.pdf (report for printing on a thermal printer). Prepared reports can be sent by email.

Download EClerk 2.0 mobile Application

“Online mode“ with EClerk 2.0 mobile Application

EClerk 2.0 mobile Application allows you to copy data from the device, analyze it, prepare a Report and send the data by e-mail.

Download EClerk 2.0 mobile Application


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Specifications and Documentation

  • Technical specifications
  • Memory full time
  • Documentation
  • Software
Number of measurement channels 2
Maximum memory capacity 260,000 values per channel
Daily accuracy of the internal timer not worse than ± 1 s
Registration period from 1 s to 24 h (installed in software)
Data record type cyclical, until filling
Start type by time, by button
Additional option operating mode “daily cycles”
Number of recording intervals (sessions) maximum – 21
Charge with a battery of standard size 1/2AA with a voltage of 3.6 V or with USB
Mean operating time between failures not less than 40,000 h
Average service life at least 5 years
Dimensions 137х34х19 mm
Measured parameter Measurement range Basic absolute error Resolution of the
logger software
Temperature, °С –20 …+55 ±1,0°С 0,10 0,04
–40 …–20 ±1,5°С
Relative humidity, % 10 …90 ±3,0% 0,10 0,05
0 …10
90 …95
Registration period Memory full time Battery life at temperature*
plus 23°С minus 40°С
1 s 70 h 130 days 110 days
10 s 30 days 1,7 years 1,5 years
1 min 180 days 2,7 years 2,4 years
1 h 30 years 3,1 years 2,7 years

*When the device is operating only in the recorder mode.

Use examples

Monitoring a child’s or a lung patient’s room will help you understand what needs to be done to improve the situation. Perhaps, it is the  insufficient humidity that causes fits of coughing in the evening and at night?

Monitoring the conditions of where children are, at school or in the kindergarten, will allow you to find out why they may often fall ill. Could it be low air temperatures and insufficient humidity that make the infection spread quickly?

EClerk-Eco - строгий контролёр за работой системы вентиляции дома

The EClerk-M-RHT recorder will allow you to evaluate and control the operation of the ventilation system and the waste heat exchanger. You will be able to find out how the temperature and humidity change during the day.


The EClerk-M-RHT recorder will help you resolve a dispute with housing and communal services, when the temperature in the apartment is too low or humidity is excessive. Take measurements for several days. If the indicators had been below the prescribed norm, the Report will show it.

Планшет для Регистратор температуры и влажности EClerk-M-RHT

The EClerk-M-RHT recorder allows real-time monitoring of the microclimate parameters on a large screen. Place the tablet on the wall, connect the recorder to it, set the alarm thresholds.

Получение результатов в поездке

When you are far from your home or summer house, be sure that the temperature and humidity are within the normal limits. EClerk-M-RHT will regularly send SMS about the state of the microclimate and about exceeding the set thresholds.

Измеритель качества воздуха EClerk-Eco –
лучший подарок семьям с детьми!

Задача каждого родителя сделать все, что в его силах, чтобы ребёнок рос здоровым. Один из основных факторов здоровья – свежий воздух. Ребёнок большую часть своего времени проводит в своей комнате, детском саду, а позднее – в школе. За это время его лёгкие прогоняют через себя огромный объём воздуха. От того, каким воздухом дышит ваш ребёнок, во многом зависит его здоровье и его успешность.

EClerk-Eco поможет вам контролировать и поддерживать необходимое качество воздуха.

Определиться с выбором просто – Измеритель качества воздуха EClerk-Eco – и вы можете не сомневаться, вашему подарку будут рады!



В нашей команде работают только профессионалы своего дела – выпускники ведущих ВУЗов Новосибирска – НГУ и НГТУ: дизайнеры, конструкторы, электронщики, программисты. Вместе мы решаем самые сложные задачи.


Высочайшее качество — это наша основная цель. Вся наша продукция сертифицирована и безопасна.
Мы постоянно совершенствуем свои изделия.
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Recorder EClerk-M-RHT

Measurement of air temperature and relative humidity

Self-powered battery for express control in any room

Memory capacity of 260,000 values (for each channel) with steps from 1 s to 24 h

High measurement precision:
–40 … + 55 ° С ± 1.0 ° С, 0 … 95% ± 3.0% r.h.

Регистратор температуры и влажности EClerk-M-RHT с телефоном
Color and sound alarms on the smartphone screen

Sending messages by SMS and email when the parameters exceed the thresholds

Sending measurements and geographic coordinates by SMS and email

Online-recorder mode with displaying the current values on a smartphone


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